The Miracles We Notice

In this regard, the real miracle isn't that miracles happen. The real miracle is that some days we notice them, and on the most miraculous of days we can help others to notice with us. 

See The Triangle

Like a bodybuilder who does sets of reps with barbells, we’re going to be pumping mental iron by alternating periods of intense visualization and empty-mindedness.


Someone picking something spicy from a menu in China has all the Karens of the western world screaming like Xena to horde all the toilet paper in sight


The plan with this form of meditation is to take the mind off of autopilot

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole:

But I’ve also been thinking about meditation. Specifically, I’ve been pondering the fact that we serious meditators share a secret. It’s one that we may be loath to let the world in on. That secret is the pleasure—yes, I mean the bona fide, juicy, luxurious, full-out decadence—of withdrawing from the world, albeit for relatively brief periods at a time.

Me, a meditation teacher?

The real and honest purpose behind this lesson is to bring meditation to people where they are. Meditation isn't about your income, possessions, education level, or, status.

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