The plan with this form of meditation is to take the mind off of autopilot

Mindfulness, monitoring the senses

If you're anything like me you don't really notice your sense of hearing until your ass meets the meditation cushion... or when your kids get too quiet.

Tips to meditate like a boss!

The question comes up a lot, "How can I improve my practice?". There are a few key points I bring up when I'm asked this question: 1 Make time, 2 Keep at It, 3 If you had a positive or negative meditation experience leave it in the past, 4 Always come back to that 'Beginner's... Continue Reading →


A lot of people associate this style with what it means to meditate

Mindfulness no BS pt. 3

The goal here is to eliminate the subject v. object situation


Metta, this one has less to do with posture and more to do with the mind

What do I need to meditate

You will need a photo of Bee Arthur in a full lotus pose, 75 sticks of Nag Champa incense, and a hogs head of Greek yogurt


Training the mind is like training a puppy at the end of it you want to be on good terms with it

Mindfulness and No BS pt. 2

This time to continue getting our “meditative swole on” we will be discussing the second of the four foundations, Mindfulness of the Feelings.

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