Vegan or Not; Here I Come

The amount of vitriol spewed toward any who aren't on board with your vow is extremely antithetical.

Karma, don’t get it twisted

Without intent the action doesn't count

The 5 Aggregates, looking for the core

...Brings to mind images of sorting one big pile of crap into other smaller piles of crap...

3 Characteristics of Existence, Dukhata

Dukhata or Dukha is the inherent principle of suck that life possesses.

3 Characteristics of Existence, Anatta

We are a process more like a flame

3 Characteristics of Existence, Anicca

Impermanence is so basic we all know it, we've all seen it

The Third Noble Truth, Drop That Dukha!

In the simplest of terms; be happy for what you have

The First Noble Truth, I see you talkin’ Dukha

The Buddha said all beings experience dukha in fact that all things in life are concealed forms of dukha.

Meditation: A crude overview

Let’s talk meditation. Some folks are rocking some serious misconceptions about it. There are many types and styles with endless variations in between whether you count breaths while passing beads through your fingers, imagine yourself in a serene place, or focus on each moment of experience to it’s very edges; just know there is no... Continue Reading →

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