Here you’ll find unusual art featuring unusual artists. Our first artist Duane Toops is not only the first artist to occupy wall space in our founder’s home but is also the first artist we’ve invested in as a company. Which is something we plan on doing a lot of in the future

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  1. I’m just digging into the Noble Truths now, and it’s wonderful to encounter others who are working on parsing Buddhist thought. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s neat being an almost Buddhist, when a Jehova witness comes to your door note the look on their face when you tell them you don’t believe in god because you are a Buddhist

  3. Meditation changed my life completely and after years of studying and consistent surrender it keeps me through the grieving of my child and taps me into him so I can feel his presence when I’m just deeply saddd..and when im joyfully abundant, he shows up for me and often tells me breathe and do your meditations.

  4. I enjoyed how you explained the 5 Aggregates. It helps to be reminded of the difference between feelings and emotions. Neutral feelings tend to be ignored, but they’re important.

    1. Thank you. This is something I am looking to more of… sharing the things that made me, me. This almost didn’t get published. After a push from the right person I’m doing it!

  5. Thank you, J Martin. I’m very happy, and relieved, to find ‘The Unusual Buddha’, it’s very helpful to me, they way it’s written, especially the above article about the ‘two’ major schools. Making ‘my way’ easier to proceed – appreciated.

  6. I like to call the oldest teachings “First Turning Buddhism” instead of “Hinayana”. It’s said that there were originally 18 original schools before the rise of Mahayana Buddhism and of those only Theravada survived.

    1. Theravada was first hence the name(the school of the elders) the others arise from there. But yeah “the lesser vehicle” can evoke feelings…

  7. Thank you for this post. I lost my son 3 years ago and continue to struggle with understanding…and finding peace. I guess a more accurate term would be “finding my center”. My universe was thrown off balance in a way that is difficult to describe.

  8. Thanks so much for this! This really resonated with me! Depression is something I’ve dealt with for probably as long as I can remember. Meditation has helped tremendously but I still go through bouts of being depressed. I find myself in something of a very ‘down’ place right now, so this piece hit home and I took some comfort in it. Thanks.

  9. Very important …check in meansactive not passive. I spent holidays close to home with siblings planning intervention w my brother who lives alone now in AA . empathy is great but stepping up and taking action is needed , not after the fact post a hotline #.

  10. I like the article, your writing and the concept is beautiful and important but I don’t understand why you would use the judgmental and negative phrase “Karen’s” to lump a group of people together. It is offending to this particular Karen and contrary to the views of representing people for who they are without obnoxious labels. I don’t believe You would want to refer to any other group of people by lumping them under a title that oozes derogatory and a one size fits all label. Please be conscious that the words you use have a connotation beyond your pen. Our words create intention….. can build or destroy….using that label is destructive to women, women named karen and all of us who don’t want to be labelled.

    1. This article came out before the term was deemed derogatory. The term here is used as a means to make the reader envision a stereotype. No offense was meant to any particular person nor group of people. The statement was purely tongue in cheek. Thank you for taking the time to read it hopefully we have other pieces you’ll find agreeable. Thanks for your time

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