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This is the NFT detail page. Info on any NFT made by one of us from will be listed here. Things like inspirations or background info. No actual NFTs will be stored or sold here

My first NFT

Below is my first crack at an NFT. I made it with very little understanding of the tech and what it could do. I’ll admit I was swept up I the frenzy of it all. Having been a content creator for closing in on 9 years the prospect was exciting.

Now that I’ve spent some more time studying, listening, and, learning, I’ve realized what excites me most is the underlying smart contract and the possibility to use it to build a community. Not only can they be used to spread concepts of the Dharma but also to build a connected community around it.

This one was the first one I minted and it lives in my wallet. I’ll probably hold it for nostalgic purposes because you know, first time and what not. I do like the design but it was missing something, it’s just not thick enough.

This time I went about making the NFT in a 3 part value prop. I still want to utilize lessons that I’ve found to be profound in the Dharma, so I kept that. Not anything too heavy just little pieces to ponder

I wanted to offer up some unlockable content. So this one is much thicker. For .12 eth ($231.07, at this writing) you’ll get 1 full mala from our store and 12 meditation classes with me. For more on malas check out this article and if you want some specifics on the meditation classes here’s the page for that.

Both of those added together are worth over $225. So there’s bang for the buck and we get to meet and talk. Plus there’s a chance you can resell the NFT for a profit later or just hold it as a keep sake.

I cannot wait to explore the potential to better serve people!

If you’re interested in buying Desire’s Consumption click the button below

A Sleeping Thought

This is a Duane Toops original. If you follow The Unusual Buddha you already know Duane is the newest member of the team and has rapidly become and huge part of our content creation team.

This piece is another amazing work of Duane’s playing with imagery, textures, and, text and it could be yours. Pick up your copy of this on chain masterpiece today

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