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This page is dedicated to giving you the tools to define your spirituality.  We aren’t here to judge or front any mumbo jumbo, dodgy guru nonsense.  Just great meditation guides and how-to’s , breakdowns to simplify Buddhist philosophy, plus, articles to deepen your practice with various styles and techniques of other spiritual discliplines.  Take your time and look around.  We are here to help you do this thing all your own.

Where to start if you’re new.  Here are the preliminaries we recommend


This piece covers what is, arguably, the most simple form of meditation and it’s where most are advised to start. This piece outlines the practice and is the basis for most other practices.  Get your meditative swole on today!


This piece covers Vipassana or Insight meditation as most know it.  This one will require the focus we’ve worked on building in the first piece.  Using that focus to raise our awareness to cover all incoming experiences is powerful, go ahead with your badass


Here we discuss a very popular form of meditation where the practitioner starts with love, kindness, and, compassion towards themselves and radiates it outward from there.  If practiced regularly it can lead to some Hell yeah gains in self love and compassion for others.


Mantra is probably one of the more stereotypical meditation styles and equally powerful as any of the other core meditations above.  Here we use a mantra (empowering word of phrase) and chant it in a very visceral way to really feel the energy of the moment.  This a practice can use really any phrase and here we’ll walk you through it.

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