The Miracles We Notice

In this regard, the real miracle isn't that miracles happen. The real miracle is that some days we notice them, and on the most miraculous of days we can help others to notice with us. 


What my diplomas in both Religion and Humanities also mean is that for most of my adult life I have been found pouring over sacred texts and literary tomes. I've devoted myself to the words, books, and writings of saints, poets, prophets, teachers, philosophers, novelists, and theologians.

Overthinking with Alan Watts I’m teaching myself video editing.

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Finding Compassion for Columbian Thieves

How should I feel about the fact that I was targeted? The thieves, in a menacing tone, had asked me if I was lost. Perhaps I didn’t belong in Colombia. Maybe this was all a big mistake. Should I be angry at the thieves, declaring Colombians to be terrible people? 

We’re Connected

... as alone as we all are in our houses or mostly empty offices, we’re more together now than ever. Not physically of course, but we’re very much together in our aloneness

Some Kind of Fellowship

I found out what made this Buddha so unusual. It was the normalcy. He was a real guy, like me, with a similar background and similarly flawed. I found that he wasn't


Someone picking something spicy from a menu in China has all the Karens of the western world screaming like Xena to horde all the toilet paper in sight

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