The Lover

If to be a lover is to be a poet, I am a poet.If to be a poet is to be a magician,I am a magician. If it to be a magician is to be thought evil, then I can be thought evil. If to be thought evil is to be disliked by worldlings, I... Continue Reading →


ME WEIRD??????Well, I prefer my weird to the delusion posing as reality in most peoples heads! No wonder someone said "it will be like being a voice in the wilderness"! Plus I dont give a fuck what anyone thinks of me they are fucking wrong. Fuck!! even I dont understand my totality so they can... Continue Reading →

Want V. Desire

“There is no fear for one whose mind is not filled with desires.“ The Buddha [From the Dhammapada, verse 39]

Concentric Sphere

If there were a moment when we touched All us, all us A sphere of time floating in the Universe Let the circles form and spread and touch the edges Let this moment Be where I live with you. In time and the space between the stars Locked in ecstatic embrace Circular All us, all... Continue Reading →


Still The deepest level of hell is icy cold like the hearts of those who mock the deepest love All that glittering gold is on the surface and does not go deep And the elements earth, air, fire, water, spirit eat away surfaces It's what they do Look for depth and keep looking deep inside... Continue Reading →

The Dharma, or the spirit of it?

Spiritual growth is like ripping off every bandaid you ever had, all at once

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