You are lost, and confused, and you feel so agonizingly stuck. Give yourself grace. Bestow upon yourself the heaps of kindness and care that have been withheld from you.

Meditation and Healing

Meditation is a part of the healing process and very helpful when present but it isn't the whole picture.

What do I need to meditate

You will need a photo of Bee Arthur in a full lotus pose, 75 sticks of Nag Champa incense, and a hogs head of Greek yogurt


...Find a good spot , lay my body to the earth to remind myself why I have nothing to feel bored about

Mindfulness and No BS pt. 2

This time to continue getting our “meditative swole on” we will be discussing the second of the four foundations, Mindfulness of the Feelings.

Letting Go, the low down

"I am more advanced than you".  You aren't and neither am I we are just walking a path and it's okay if it defies convention

Mindfulness and no BS pt. 1

Mindfulness, it has become a huge buzzword. For some it brings to mind images of granola, scents of poorly masked body odor, and the vision of a life lived with palms pressed harshly together.

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