You are lost, and confused, and you feel so agonizingly stuck. Give yourself grace. Bestow upon yourself the heaps of kindness and care that have been withheld from you.

Suicide- Or How I Learned To Love the Bomb Within

I created a meme recently that stirred much discussion. It was a much needed discussion, given the obvious elephant in the room (although naively enough, not my intention when I created THE MEME). The message is powerful: You either fuck up, or you don't. My mission in life is conquering fear.- Anthony Bourdain Admittedly, I was... Continue Reading →


...Find a good spot , lay my body to the earth to remind myself why I have nothing to feel bored about

Emotional Ownership

Bullying is one of the most talked about forms of emotional manipulation these days.

Meditation: A crude overview

Let’s talk meditation. Some folks are rocking some serious misconceptions about it. There are many types and styles with endless variations in between whether you count breaths while passing beads through your fingers, imagine yourself in a serene place, or focus on each moment of experience to it’s very edges; just know there is no... Continue Reading →

The Lover

If to be a lover is to be a poet, I am a poet.If to be a poet is to be a magician,I am a magician. If it to be a magician is to be thought evil, then I can be thought evil. If to be thought evil is to be disliked by worldlings, I... Continue Reading →


ME WEIRD??????Well, I prefer my weird to the delusion posing as reality in most peoples heads! No wonder someone said "it will be like being a voice in the wilderness"! Plus I dont give a fuck what anyone thinks of me they are fucking wrong. Fuck!! even I dont understand my totality so they can... Continue Reading →

Want V. Desire

“There is no fear for one whose mind is not filled with desires.“
The Buddha [From the Dhammapada, verse 39]

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