A Watched Pot…

The saying goes "A watched pot never boils". With a little perspective shift it also applies to the Dharma

The 5 Aggregates, looking for the core

...Brings to mind images of sorting one big pile of crap into other smaller piles of crap...

The Third Noble Truth, Drop That Dukha!

In the simplest of terms; be happy for what you have

Mindfulness no BS pt. 3

The goal here is to eliminate the subject v. object situation

The Second Noble Truth, Dukha has a beginning

we encounter Dukha because we want things to be something different than they really are.

The First Noble Truth, I see you talkin’ Dukha

The Buddha said all beings experience dukha in fact that all things in life are concealed forms of dukha.

Mindfulness and No BS pt. 2

This time to continue getting our “meditative swole on” we will be discussing the second of the four foundations, Mindfulness of the Feelings.

Mindfulness and no BS pt. 1

Mindfulness, it has become a huge buzzword. For some it brings to mind images of granola, scents of poorly masked body odor, and the vision of a life lived with palms pressed harshly together.

Want V. Desire

“There is no fear for one whose mind is not filled with desires.“
The Buddha [From the Dhammapada, verse 39]

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