The plan with this form of meditation is to take the mind off of autopilot

Me, a meditation teacher?

The real and honest purpose behind this lesson is to bring meditation to people where they are. Meditation isn't about your income, possessions, education level, or, status.

More About Malas

Nowhere near a sales pitch just helpful info for those looking to buy a mala

Path Dangers: Rigidity and Frigidity

Just another temporary phase to move through. You reach a pretty common issue, I know because it happened to me. You reach a stage where the risk of rigidity and frigidity become a matter of real concern.

Karma, don’t get it twisted

Without intent the action doesn't count

Tips to meditate like a boss!

The question comes up a lot, "How can I improve my practice?". There are a few key points I bring up when I'm asked this question: 1 Make time, 2 Keep at It, 3 If you had a positive or negative meditation experience leave it in the past, 4 Always come back to that 'Beginner's... Continue Reading →

Meditation in A Nutshell

Meditation can give you powers, what powers you ask, how about the power to kill a yak… with mind bullets!!

3 Characteristics of Existence, Dukhata

Dukhata or Dukha is the inherent principle of suck that life possesses.

3 Characteristics of Existence, Anatta

We are a process more like a flame

3 Characteristics of Existence, Anicca

Impermanence is so basic we all know it, we've all seen it

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