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On Spirituality: Thoughts of a Buddhist’s wife.

If you had asked me 15 years ago what my faith was, I would have given a simple answer. I was Christian that thoroughly loved the Catholic tradition. Most if not all of my faith, and subsequently moral compass, was 100% based on what my parents taught me was the "correct" way to live. We... Continue Reading →

Finding Compassion for Columbian Thieves

How should I feel about the fact that I was targeted? The thieves, in a menacing tone, had asked me if I was lost. Perhaps I didn’t belong in Colombia. Maybe this was all a big mistake. Should I be angry at the thieves, declaring Colombians to be terrible people? 

Defy the Monster

There is an ever-present monster beneath the world of who we are, a behemoth always at the ready, a Leviathan always lingering. It can never be completely defeated. It can never be banished once and for all, but we can defy it. And, in our constant and continuous acts of defiance we find parts of ourselves, maybe even the best parts.

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