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I’m Done

What is wrong with me?! I’m a world traveler, a Buddhist now! I’m open to every experience! I have always been grateful to learn about cultures. I have always understood that my access to endless food sources is more the exception than the norm worldwide, and it is a privilege to have three meals a day and a roof over my head, and have been appreciative of whatever is given me, even if it’s not my favorite flavor.

Get a free e-book and help The Unusual Buddha

If you've followed us for the past couple of months you know Jim wrote a book earlier this year. The Practical Meditation Journal, it was a 'hell yeah' learning experience and an amazing opportunity. This guide is written by a normal person for normal people. If you're interested in meditation but without the flowery language... Continue Reading →

My First, in person, Meditation Class

This is the script from my very first meditation. So nervous I am working on the video at the time of this writing. I had wrote a script because of the nerves. Keep your eyes open for the video and shortly after after... Eventually I'll put this outline out to everyone, til then enjoy your exclusive access!

TUB Interviews Chris Malidore

This one was the very first interview Jim ever conducted. Having known Chris since the days of I Can't Believe It's Not Buddha (ICBINB), an earlier page that preceded The Unusual Buddha with less swearing lol, Jim felt comfortable that Chris would be an amazing guest and his amazing story of life as a artist and avid meditator was amazingly epic for the first run of things. Enjoy.

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