Welcome to The Unusual Buddha, we’re all about spirituality with some grit. We all know this journey isn’t sunshine and rainbows. It’s time people like us are celebrated. We drink coffee, we light incense, swear like a sailors on shore leave, and occasionally listen to gangster rap on the way to yoga class. It’s how we do.  But that doesn’t change the good intentions we have.

The world deserves a new type of spirituality, one that encompasses the whole rather than asking you to be something or someone you aren’t.  Here at The Unusual Buddha we ask that you come to your practice first with acceptance.  Once you can accept yourself in the “As me as I want to be” type way, only then can you improve yourself.  The time has come for you Define your spirituality.

Who are we?

My name is Jim Martin and I founded theunusualbuddha.com.  The Unusual Buddha is dedicated to simplifying meditation, Buddhist philosophy and other spiritual, and, philosophical topics.  We’re dedicated to making these topics relatable and accessible to regular people.  We do not subscribe to the soft and fluffy way that this genre is usually depicted.  We are about grit reality and humor with edge.  The Unusual Buddha started as a meme page on Facebook in 2015. In 2017 I added blogging to the mix under Theunusualbuddha.com and added a partner to help with daily tasks and free up time to further expand.  We now have a blog, vlog, and, podcast.  We are on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and, still learning in others. Not bad for a regular guy from Virginia, huh?

Define your Spirituality

This all started because I was curious about Buddhism and meditation over 10 years ago and began to practice.  In my area temples and Dharma centers are scattered at best.  I started by reading and searching online then eventually I moved to scouring Facebook looking for the kindred.  There were no pages that spoke to me, so I looked to groups.  The group offerings were heaping yet all the same, soft, fluffy, overly complicated, full egotistical gate-keepers, and, so painfully dry.  I didn’t think this was a good way to spread the Dharma or the benefits of meditation as a whole. 

So, I made what I thought would serve people like me, fans of philosophy, meditation, memes, swearing, gangster rap etc.  Thus, began the evolution of The Unusual Buddha. I have 10 years of study and practice, 2 of which were at a Theravada temple attending weekly classes.  When my teacher moved on to advance his training I left too.  The remaining monks were less than friendly to my presence. So I set out to find a new way or make a new way for myself.

Nelli D is my partner, she helps keep posts happening and responds to fans when I cannot. We met in a Dudeism (yes from The Big Lebowski has a religion based on tenets of the main character.  We have known each other for a few years she resides in Canada and writes under the pen name DoodBHere and has written some very well received pieces on Theunusualbuddha.com.  She has practiced in the Theravadin tradition and is now a practicing hedge witch.  She brings a different, fresh, perspective and isn’t afraid to make her two cents known. She has been seriously instrumental in opening up new opportunities for TUB to break into new arenas. You would never believe we’ve never met in real life. She has become and integral part of all that is TUB.

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