Unusual Collections Pre-order

Here they are all 4 items in this box!

What is it?

This gift box marks a big move for us at theunusualbuddha.com. This collaboration allows you to get:

– 1 full, 108 bead, hand-made mala
– 1 8×8 print from Duane Toops
– 1 meditato tee in a size of your choosing (limits may apply) from Mountain Valley Vinyl
– 1 copy of The Practical Meditation Journal included for freeThe cost $75.00 for over $125.00 worth of merchandise!

Who does it support?

Now to let you know who you’re supporting.

Duane Toops

He is the creative mind behind Duanetoops.com and The Process and The Path podcast. The links above will take you to his work. He and I met through creating meditation content. In fact he and I initially talked about video tips because his YouTube channel is envy inspiring. Especially to a novice such as myself.His newest venture is blackout poetry. I sent him a page of The Practical Meditation Journal and he not only made 1 piece but four pieces from it. Below are the 4 he came up with.

Mountain Valley Vinyl

This comes to you from a friend and co-worker. He is teaching himself vinyl work. He’s looking to specialize in small runs of shirts and other merchandise for small up and coming creators. Mountain Valley Vinyl is built by an entrepreneur to serve other entrepreneursA small creator focused on serving small creators. They don’t charge the insane setup fees or require massive quantities of merchandise to be made. To get a look at the work of Mountain Valley Vinyl click the link.While they building they’re taking orders directly on Facebook Messenger and Instagram dm. They are also not afraid to try weird thing… like a tee with a potato character…

Meditato Tee-shirt


Obviously this is us. We are a dark horse start-up looking to create meditation resources that are practical and useful to normal people. We are the team up of an alternative Buddhist, Jim, and, an off the hook Hedge Witch, Nelli D. For more on us check out our about page. Our long term goal is to build up creators of different paths on social media and bring them to the masses, getting their message out in a way to inspire people to follow a path of their choosing.  And as long as the “new normal” includes events, we plan to create events for people to gather and share their faiths with eachother… like a Comic Con.We’ll see if that works out

How do you pre-order?

To get in on this and support all 3 of these small creators send an email request to jmartin@theunusualbuddha.com. Be sure to include:
– which of the 4 prints you’d like
– your choice of shirt size
– who you’d like your copy of the book written out to. Shortly after you email us you’ll receive an invoice via PayPal once payment is received we’ll work on filling your order.


Don’t worry there’s more to come!

Be sure to watch for more gift boxes if these workout and we can successfully support other creators and make enough to keep the lights on we’d like to turn this into a subscription service.All 3 of us appreciate your consideration and time. If you wanna help but can’t swing the cost share this with a friend and lookout for give aways!*disclaimer*
Please allow 2 weeks for shipping to take place. The 3 of us are frankly not working with big budgets and are taking these on a preorder basis to help keep costs as low as possible. Thanks again

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