Some Kind of Fellowship

by Charlie MacLean

As funny as it may seem, I am not a Buddhist. As a practicing eclectic pagan, I find pieces of all religions and faiths seeping in at various times in my life. This technological age has created a very interesting, energetic space to find out about other faiths and cultures and meet new, interesting people with different practices and points of view. Everyone has something to teach you.

That was how I met The Unusual Buddha. I was a fledgling blogger and I came across the Facebook page. I had never really thought a lot about Buddhism. In my mind Buddhists were strict practitioners on mountain tops with epicly long beards and were Kung Fu masters.

Check out our first Inner Circle Session. In this one Taylor got in one some face to face time with Jim and Nelli D, we talk Interconnectedness, and, we squeezed in a little meditation session. Check it out and let us know what you thought.

I was about to learn how unusual it could actually get. I started having conversations with others in the group and found a brotherhood of the flawed. Most of us were seeking peace or some kind of fellowship. We were all there, put together by the great sage himself, Jim Martin. I was interested in increasing my own shamanic meditation practice and increasing my blogging prowess. To me at the time, Jim was sitting on his mountain, contemplating the intricate details of the veins on a leaf or guiding raindrops to flower petals with his tai chi. That’s how on point his memes were.

Eventually, I calmed myself and messaged him directly. I found out what made this Buddha so unusual. It was the normalcy. He was a real guy, like me, with a similar background and similarly flawed. I found that he wasn’t on a pedestal, but in the mud with the rest of us. It was refreshing. So, why am I writing this?

We are all just ghosts driving a meat machine. Our energy flows through our matter and we decide what to do with it and how to do it. Accepting that we are all just people and taking responsibility for ourselves is liberating. Those are the first steps towards true freedom.

Charles MacLean is a solitary eclectic pagan. He writes poetry under the bardic name Taen of Vessels. His Thoughts can be found at @taenofvessels on Twitter and his personal mythology is on his blog

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