An all inclusive ‘Thank You’

Thank you: it’s something I say a lot really. I say it when I ask someone to pass the pepper, when I’m handed something, or, when my transaction is done at the checkout counter. I say it whole-heartedly, sarcastically, and occasionally with a bit of anger wrapped up in it.

I haven’t, however, handed out enough “thank you’s” for The Unusual Buddha and how far it has come, so here we go…

To my lovely wife who has put up with me trying to build this and get it off the ground. For allowing me to vent when someone has slid into the DM’s on whichever platform and gotten salty. For putting up with the plenty of times all too often chatter about the page or podacast, site or vlog. For helping me pick up and move forward after the many stumbles that I’ve had to this point. Thank you for putting up with the interviews, meditation classes, trips to the post office to mail things by their deadline, and all the other things big and small that cut into our already tight schedule. You are amazing without you this would have crashed many times over. Thank you

To my very good friend whom I met online in a Dudeist meme group, Nellie D. Thank you for your dedication to a cause knowing from the beginning that at best the pay may never be great. Thank you for your honesty in telling me if an idea was whack or not, as many of them are, Thank you for weighing in with your experience to make things better, and a really huge thank you for sharing your pain and vulnerability when tragedy struck you personally. You are a great person with a lot of heart. Thank you.

To Patrons of this thing, you are helping us put some structure into this project. Thank you for helping us offset the web hosting costs and get the ads of our site. Thank you for weighing in and giving your opinions when we throw out polls or ask for feedback. Without your support this would be a much more difficult task thank you for joining in our journey.

To the members of our group, Meditation Matters! by The Unusual Buddha, thank you for the funny responses, for sharing your practices, for sharing what brings you joy and what brings you pain. Your contribution has been unbelievable. You being a part of the conversation has made the group a vibrant community where friendships are starting and flourishing, thank you.

To fans and followers of our efforts across the various platforms and endeavors we’ve delved into: thank you, for liking, commenting, sharing, subscribing, retweeting, repinning, and, all the ways you’ve interacted with the content we create. Your comments have helped to clarify and solidify my beliefs as well as given me a new perspectives. Your interaction has truly gone a long way to shaping what we’re up to and how we do it.

This group is smaller and no less deserving of a thank you. Thank you to all the folks who have passed through. Whether you were with us for a long time or not you are appreciated. Even those who parted ways on bad terms. Thank you! Interacting with people in the community hasn’t been easy for me personally. I’m starting to see that “unusual” applies to the content because it applies so well to my personality. Please know that I harbor no ill will toward you regardless of the specifics, and I hope you feel the same. We’re both on to bigger and better with lessons learned, and a clearer idea of our directions as creators. Thank you for that.

This list maybe long winded but it is truly heartfelt. Thank you to all of you for the roles you’ve played in helping me become a better teacher, counselor, and, friend.

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