Me, a meditation teacher?

What an experience

It’s hard to believe I had the incredible opportunity of leading a meditation class. I always thought this was going to be a some kind of pipe dream. After writing The Practical Meditation Journal and braving my introverted nature I reached out to a local yoga studio. Shoutout to Pranapiloga (click their name to check out their site and digs).

Class in progress credit to Rebecca of Pranapiloga for this pic.

If I’m leading a class it’s sure to be Unusual

So of course I showed up to talk turkey in a Deadpool t-shirt. If you can’t make out the writing from the image it also says “Chimichangas and Tacos”. I am an avid supporter of both, of course. I wore it to lowkey make a point to all in attendance as well as anyone would would watch the video version…

Meditation doesn’t have to be taken so seriously

In fact I’d advise against it. It’s okay to have fun with it, to play in it. We are not statues or sacrifices to this. It’s not necessary to give up a “normal” life to pick up a practice. We went over a very basic intro to meditation. It was sort of a “Meditation 101” course it’s a from a series I am putting together called Meditation for the Rest of Us. It’s an effort to sort of buck the system and challenge the norms in the genre because what is out there isn’t reaching all that it could. In my opinion the flowery language and big words coupled with the high price of admission in most areas leads to a income based standard, that will not cut it for me. Of course being who I am, wrought with nervousness I had to make a bit of an outline.

Click the image below to read that. Our patrons got to see this last week, now it’s open to all

Our patrons got a look at this outline last week. It’s now open to all who are interested. Or click this link
Here’s another link to that article

The next best thing to being there

Here’s a video from the class

If you venture to watch the video please know I edited as little as necessary to create this. I wanted to leave it complete with all the nervous pauses and filler words … no “um’s” were cut. If you have any feedback please leave those in the comments on YouTube. I want to get better at this and the only way to do that is to know how I did. While you’re there feel free to checkout all of our videos and don’t forget to like comment, subscribe, and share with your friends. If you don’t like the videos feel free to hit the unlike button twice on each one.

For those into that podcast life

Still has that fresh podcast smell

I also split the audio and made a podcast for those who want to gently ignore this while conducting life business… In all seriousness I posted it with little editing to show that I’m still learning and growing. I plan on growing as a teacher because I feel like this is the best way to challenge the ‘status quo’ of this genre. Once the ground work of basics is laid out I am interested in moving into the deeper philosophical points of the Dharma. I’m not looking to convert anyone just enrich their experience with what is out there.

In conclusion

The real and honest purpose behind this lesson is to bring meditation to people where they are. Meditation isn’t about your income, possessions, education level, or, status. It is about you getting in touch with the present moment and breaking the cycle of autopilot. Meditation is a tool and like any tool they are ambivalent, that’s good or bad, depending on the user. A hammer can build things or break them. I’d like to put a stress management tool in your hands and help you enrich your own life. There are no tests and no minimums to meet just you working through your own mind and tendencies.

Don’t let the judgement of other’s deter you from getting out there and defining your spirituality

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