TUB interviews Scott Tusa

This one was and has been one of our biggest episodes on the podcast. We had the opportunity to chat with Scott Tusa a former Tibetan monk and New York native. If you read it out you can see the nervous shining right through. He had tons of unique insights and an interesting perspectives great guest here is the outline

Scott Tusa Interview rough outline

Intro – I’ll intro podcast, myself, episode

Intro – You intro yourself

                Name, profession, organization, website etc.

Early life (For context)

Was religion a big part of your formative life? Parents, Grandparents etc.

When did you first learn of Buddhism and meditation? What were your thoughts on it?

Time as a monk (many people are interested in this but only go as far as is comfortable. The intent here is to humanize this part of the practice. This part actually bothers some)

Where did you go? Why did you go?

What was it like? Daily schedule

Would you recommend everyone go?

Biggest culture shock?

Did you meet the Dalai Lama? What is he like? (What can he bench? For levity if you’re comfortable)

What did you learn there that you wouldn’t have learned normally?

Longest continuous meditation time?

You spent a lot of time as a monk in solo meditation.  What was that like?  How was it to be alone and not speak for so long?

Current state of things (discuss only as far as you are comfortable

Why should people seeking to learn meditation seek out a teacher?

What are the benefits? 

Are there any drawbacks to going the path alone?  What are some common concerns of folks going alone on the path?

How do you feel about the stories of abuse that keep popping up? (I won’t name names or ask in a pointed this is to give you a platform to speak about it generically)

 Fan questions (this portion may grow)

In what key ways can Buddhist psychology improve upon and enrich commonly practiced (western) therapy?

How can we broaden the scope and appeal of the benefit we receive from Buddhist practice, wisdom and teachings to reach a new or overlooked audience who might have been scared off by dogmatic bullshit or spiritual woo woo in their interactions with a spiritual path before?

Closing thoughts

You: Emphasize any portion covered that you want to drive home. 

Me: I’ll do the same

Shoutouts and plugs promote what’s important to you here sites, books, local events, whatever you have if it’s a site as you know spell out the URL.

I’ll promote my things patrons + Patreon, theunusualbuddha.com available on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and, pinterest,

Okay Scott this is what I have so far feel free to go as deeply into each question as you like.  The interview will go as long as it has to.  I will be editing it down to under an hour unless there is more than an hour worth of gold. 

I record interviews the Anchor App the voice clarity is great however it does have the draw back of only being able to record 5-7 minutes at a time.  You will need to download the app and then I will send you a link through Facebook messenger.  Should the feed drop just give it a minute or two and I’ll send another link. 

If you see anything above you’d like to change let me know, that includes additions or omissions. I appreciate the position you’re in and I no intention of grilling you or putting you in the hotseat.  My intention here is to get folks to know you and appreciate your body of work, learn some things about what it means to take ordination, and, publicize your perspective on the direction of things.  This isn’t meant to be a script, if you want to go off the sheet, we can do that and if you want to free style because you’re feeling the direction of conversation please follow it.  I would like to have this be as conversation like as possible.  In my opinion a good interview should essentially be two people getting to know one another.  The only difference being we are recording


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