TUB Interviews Chris Malidore

This one was the very first interview Jim ever conducted. Having known Chris since the days of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buddha (ICBINB), an earlier page that preceded The Unusual Buddha with less swearing lol, Jim felt comfortable that Chris would be an amazing guest and his amazing story of life as a artist and avid meditator was amazingly epic for the first run of things. Enjoy.

Chris Malidore Interview Episode rough outline

Intro – I’ll start, intro the podcast, myself, episode theme,

Intro – You and our meeting online through TUB

  • Name, age, profession, site, Patreon etc. (promote yourself Please!)

 1st Daily meditation practice

  • When did you start?
  • What made you start?
  • Tradition/name preference, brief overview, unique points to it (why?)
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations
  • what surprises have you come across in yourself?
  • Changes others have seen in you
  • Has TUB changed your practice or outlook?

2nd Professional effects of practice

  • Effects on creative output
  • Business relationships
  • Has meditation made you “softer” professionally?

3rd Hardships conquered through practice (your discretion keep your comfort level in mind)

  • Most difficult obstacle since beginning practice and what changes did meditation make in how you handle difficult life situations
  •  Would not practicing meditation have changed the situation, how?

4th Thoughts on future

  • Teaching children
    • Use in schools
  • Police and first responders
  • Commercialization
  • What are your practice plans from here?

Wrap up – Your final thoughts and points

                Make use of the chance to promo at the end

My wrap up – My final thoughts and emphasis points

Most interesting philosophical/spiritual question you have

  • I’ll encourage listeners to weigh in on the Question of the day on social media

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