Suicide- Or How I Learned To Love the Bomb Within

I created a meme recently that stirred much discussion. It was a much needed discussion, given the obvious elephant in the room (although naively enough, not my intention when I created THE MEME). The message is powerful:

You either fuck up, or you don’t. My mission in life is conquering fear.

– Anthony Bourdain

Admittedly, I was utterly shocked by the discussion insued, later referred to by us admins as #anthonygate. For the most part, %85 of the comments were kind. The other %15, though, wow. Shame! Shame! Yet, that %15 of the comments completely took over, spewing hateful, hurtful energy all over the post. As a rebuttal, this meme was created:


Regardless of the spiritual path or religion you follow, there are 3 components that we all seem to have in common: compassion, love, understanding.  Whether its loving thy neighbour, doing no harm, or sending metta, the intentions are all the same: extending empathy. Those who are afflicted with Mental Illness have serious daemons voices constantly undermining every thought that comes into their head. The last thing that person needs is hurtful outside voices, and trolls. They need all the big loving we can muster! Seriously.

Mental illness still, in this day and age, fits within a bubble of misunderstanding. In fact, it’s probably the most mistreated, most misunderstood illness,  and yet, deserves our most attention.  According to Health Canada in 2009 :

%1 of the population 15 and over, reported sysmptoms that met the criteria for Biopolar Disorder…..

1%!!!! That huge! It deserves our attention, empathy, understanding, compassion, and love.  Compassion is the underlying foundation of The Unusual Buddha is about, (with a dash of humour, of course), not hate.

So check in with your friends. Give that one person that hasn’t posted for awhile on Facebook a check-in. Reach out. Let people know that you care, and without judgement. Tell people you love them. Embrace those moments, and, most importantly, don’t be a fucking dick.

Much, much love.

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  1. Thanks so much for this! This really resonated with me! Depression is something I’ve dealt with for probably as long as I can remember. Meditation has helped tremendously but I still go through bouts of being depressed. I find myself in something of a very ‘down’ place right now, so this piece hit home and I took some comfort in it. Thanks.

  2. Very important …check in meansactive not passive. I spent holidays close to home with siblings planning intervention w my brother who lives alone now in AA . empathy is great but stepping up and taking action is needed , not after the fact post a hotline #.

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