Meditation and Gate-keeping

Gate-keeping for those unfamiliar with the term is one of the more sad, quasi elitist sentiments that spout from the “experts” that exist in every type of trend and hobby imaginable.  From wine to onion dip there are people who are vastly experienced and well versed, they are not the folks I take issue with.  The goons I take issue with are the ones that think they have seen and done it all and guilt trip new folks for not being on the same level.

Meditation is tough enough no need to heap judgement on people

As I said this is no new trend nor is it unique to the meditation, philosophical, and, spiritual communities. These folks have the spare time to knock on your practice methods in one of 1000 ways.  And for what?  For some self righteous sense of fulfillment. In this arena we should all strive for that “newb” mindset and fervor for practice.

For most of us, in the west, starting a meditation practice was quite a departure from the traditions we were raised with.  With a really heavy focus on undoing some of the damage gathered along the way we could all benefit from keeping some of the beginner qualities that are scoffed at.  Commenting negatively about someone’s posture doesn’t help anyone it just shows your true nature as a pedantic asshole.  That crap helps no one.  We are all traversing some heavy stuff.  Each of us has our share of baggage and we need to unpack it in our own way and at our own time.

The Unusual Buddha started as a Buddhist meditation meme factory to poke fun at this odd, even antithetical, holier than thou attitude.  I wanted to deflate that ego because I was allowing it to crop up in my self as I was getting it from these self proclaimed masters of meditation and Buddhist philosophy.  It’s frustrating but when I recognized it and called my self out on it, intellectually it was a harsh reality to face.  That, in my opinion, is exactly what we’re here to do.  The Unusual Buddha was born because I wanted to share the secret sauce I was using to defeat my own ego.  To that end I will continue to carry this torch and spread this message.

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To those of you falling victim to these home cooked Rotten Tomatoes ass, cynics, always commenting negatively on your spiritually inspired posts, mofos.  Carry on, do the best you can with what you know until you know better!  And if no one else has your back we’re here.  We have a group on Facebook Meditation Matters! as well as a nice little beginner’s page here 

So enjoy, we’re here for you, as you Define your Spirituality

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