Disney Land

Written by Ross Bradbury

Reading about spiritual realisations is like reading a brochure for Disney Land. When you read the brochure, you create your own version of Disney Land in your mind. The version in your mind is a wholly unfaithful representation of Disney Land which is based on your past experiences, therefore cannot encapsulate anything other than what you have already experienced. The experience of Disney Land will be completely novel when it comes to you. But you get fused with your own mental version of Disney Land, which is nothing but a falsehood. You imagine how it will feel when you finally arrive at this Disney Land you have created in your head, and wait patiently for your arrival at Disney Land to be confirmed by the arising of this feeling you imagine will happen. When you feel the feeling you expect to feel, this is when you will know that you are at Disney Land.

However, you do not know what it feels like to be in Disney Land. You do not know what the smell of the food stalls at the entrance is. You do not know how the staff at the ticket booth will address you, and how you will respond to the staff. You do not know how you will feel when you see your favourite Pixar character in life-size – will you be flooded with warm nostalgia or will you feel disdain towards this poorly acted, saccharine imposter? And so you cling to your mental version of Disney Land, even once you have arrived there, and think to yourself “this is not Disney Land”, because you aren’t feeling how you expected to feel. Or you are in a budget rip-off of Disney Land, or perhaps just in your own bedroom, daydreaming, and you think “wow, finally I am at Disney Land!” Maybe once you let go of the mental version of Disney Land and the expectations that come with it, you will be able to look around and know whether or not you are in Disney Land.

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