Top 6 Sites for My Path

In writing this blog, meditating, and, being the total social media fan that I am, I spend a lot of time browsing the web for useful sites. I have a list of my favorites I’d like to pass on to you so that you may gain from them like I did. To be clear none of the below authors or pages compensated me in any way for this article. They may not even know I wrote this. These are sites I have found in my journey each with a little something different to offer with, of course, my 2 cents on each. So let’s kick off the list

The Tattooed Buddha

The Tattooed Buddha

The Tattooed Buddha is an amazing site that is a compilation of many authors, poets, and, other wise spiritual misfits. Some truly amazing writing going on in this organization. Most importantly they are made for writers to gain exposure and get attention. The founders Ty Phillips and Dana Gornall are extremely talented writers and have no problem sharing the stage that they have built. The sight is loaded with informative article, podcasts, and a great featured authors section. If you’re looking for info, entertainment, or, trying to make a start in Buddhist/meditation writing then you should really start here. This site really inspired me to get serious about my writing, while maintaining my Unusual voice… They have an amazing event on Facebook coming up Day of Meditation Saturday July 28th make sure you tune in. That link will take you to the event page of their Facebook page.

The Mindful Magazine

This magazine is from the wonderful Michelle Olr, talented writer, speaker, traveler, and, gifted empath. She has a beautiful site full of, poetry, writings, videos, and, advice. She covers a full range of topics in the realm of mindfulness. From Law of Attraction, mindful budgeting, to mindful eating, all of it well written and thought out. Her warm and inviting personality leap out from the page. She also offers spiritual guidance and several different spiritual reading services (At least 10 times better than a fortune cookie) she does also include space for advertising products that fit the genre. She is also on Facebook as well as Instagram. On both Michelle features inspirational content writing, videos, and, memes as well as beautiful pics of the beaches of Malta where she lives.

Help Mama Meditate

This one comes to you from the talented, the one, the only…. Jennifer Mazzoni. This blog approaches mindfulness from the perspective of a mother. If you have littles at home you know your need of stress relief is on a greater scale than most. Something about Dora on endless loop can really break you… like deep down inside. She has fantastic articles, reviews, studies, as well as hosts a mindfulness group on Facebook centered around moms. Being a stay at home mom can be kind of isolating. To help with that issue as well as answer questions she has a community to go with the amazing resources of her blog. Her Facebook group is available here. Here’s the latest from Mama herself

5 Mindfulness Activities for a Sensational Summer

This site is another diamond in the rough. Daniel Scharpenburg is a solid writer. He has a featured spot on The Tattooed Buddha, Patheos: Buddhist at Bodhisatva Road, he teaches at the Open Heart Sangha, as well as, a series of informative podcasts and videos. Come to this site with some time to invest, you won’t regret it, his body of work is extensive. He has massive knowledge of the Zen tradition, while teaching in a less heavy handed manner. Which is quite the feat. Check him out on Facebook and Twitter too.

Duane Toops's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 2 people, including Duane Toops

Duane Topps

The above link is for his YouTube channel he blogs at Duane Topps Blog. On his blog he keeps transcripts of his YouTube offerings. I just discovered him last week to be honest (thank you The Tattooed Buddha) and I have loved what I have found so far. He offers a lot of information, and philosophical references while adding his own spin as well. To be honest he seems like a person you could grab a beer and talk about the universe with. Don’t sleep on Duane he another awesome wealth of knowledge, and he is really good at linking things he references in his videos. So if you don’t get it you can get up to speed using the links provided.

Brent R. Oliver

Brent is a man after my own heart, he’s a mindfulness coach, writer, bartender, and, avid ‘sentence enhancer’ artist. He teaches Unified Mindfulness, which is a kind of an eclectic assembly of teachings in Mindfulness. Very cool stuff and secular if that suits your fancy. He has a writing style that absolutely sings from the wrong side of the tracks. Anyone who has kept up with The Unusual Buddha knows that is my jam. He is based in Kentucky but through the miracle of the interwebs he can teach wherever you are, because it’s about you, the consumer.

There they are, the 6 places I spend way too much time looking at on the web. When I’m not making The Unusual Buddha happen that is. Hope you enjoy!


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