Karma, don’t get it twisted

How many times have you heard someone go on about how “Your karma will bite you one day”, or “Karma will get you back…”? The understanding we have of karma and it’s workings is pretty limited we all have these preconceived ideas of what it means and they are a bit off. Karma isn’t the mechanical 1 + 1 = 2 that everyone thinks it is. In all honesty if it were a math it would be more like common core, confusing, utter nonsense, not really understood, inducing of many smiles and nods… So let’s break down this mysterious and kind of confusing concept here.

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Karma by definition is an action. It requires an intent, you had to desire the outcome good or bad, to receive that karma. If you accidentally: trounce an ant hill, run over a squirrel while driving, crush an earth worm as you walk in the rain, none of these things constitute the karma of taking life because they did not have as their motivation any amount of malice, ill will, or, most importantly any intent. Just like Princess Buttercup didn’t say I do… without intent the action doesn’t count. This is how it goes when bad stuff happens, if you invert the situation… say you had a bad intent and a good thing came of it the good thing doesn’t create good karma. That being said the process is so complex you just can’t decipher it that way.

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Karma is not a simple process, some say “If you do bad you get bad things back” while that is entirely true, it isn’t on a one to one ratio. One explanation said envision a net and in each void space a very reflective gem, and in the reflection of each gem is more nets and more gems. Imagine the disorientating nature of that image. So many actions taken and the results are rarely if ever equal in magnitude or duration of the offense. As we all know we are all guaranteed to meet our ends, how or when is tremendously unknown, and hinges on a billion different factors. Any attempt to look into the process is pretty futile as the web of actions we weave creates a pretty intricate cluster fuck of possibilities all with another billion possibilities.

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Another important component of karma is we (normal folk) are in no way agents of it. You don’t get to be Judge Dredd, no judge, no jury, nor, executioners. We make all of our moves doing the best we can at each choice we arrive at. We don’t get to choose who gets what, it is yet another process to be worked out to it’s end. Some cultures are apt to let bad things happen to people thinking “Oh that’s their karma”. Don’t be that person. Always help! Whatever actions or choices someone made to get some where, that’s their karma, the decision you make are your karma.

With all these points covered just keep your intentions pure. If you’ve been maintaining a meditation practice you’re probably beginning to see how possible that really is. Take ownership of your circumstances realize sometimes bad stuff happens with out much provocation. These conditions are external and out of your control. Continue being you and doing your best.

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