Mindfulness no BS Pt.4

Here we are up to The 4th Foundation of Mindfulness. Let’s recap a little. In the 1st Foundation we contemplated the body, how it felt and what was going on with it both generally and specifically Mindfulness and no BS pt. 1.

We then moved to the 2nd Foundation where we contemplated our feelings, and how in the Buddhist scheme of thinking feelings and emotions aren’t the same. We divided these feelings into 3 groups pleasant, painful, and, neutral, and traced them back to their sources Mindfulness and No BS pt. 2 .

Next, we set our sights to the 3rd Foundation of Mindfulness, we learned about using our mind to understand pur mind Mindfulness no BS pt. 3. Here we are at The 4th Foundation of Mindfulness, Contemplation of Dharmas.

This is where we have the duty…, Nay honor, to dig into the more philosophical teachings that Buddhism brings to the world. Things like The 3 Characteristics of Existence, The 4 Noble Truths we discussed them beginning here The First Noble Truth, I see you talkin’ Dukha , The Eight-fold Path, Dependent Arising, The 5 Aggregates of Impermanence, 6 sense faculties, and why stop there. If you have a curiosity of any philosophical teachings this is the time to dig in. But don’t just read it immerse yourself, see what it is truly like. Buddhism, at it’s core encourages deeply penetrating (stop giggling) all possible avenues to truth.

Unlike some belief systems, faiths, religious traditions, etc. Buddhism does not accept dogmas. There exist no truths in all of the Dharma that are above a thorough look under the hood. This in my opinion is the most unique facet of the teachings. You take them, you test them out, if you like it you apply it, if you dont, you move on… Like a boss. There are no ‘no go’ areas of the teaching.

So to be a good Buddhist or a decent self actualized believer in anything, ask those questions, ponder those truths. The only thing forbidden is dogma. And as a slight aside, this is the most misunderstood idea by organized Buddhism as a whole. We are blessed with consciousness it’s up to us to use it! This is where you have an opportunity to really connect with ideas intellectually and metaphysically.

So no matter what you believe test the teachings and apply them, take them apart, smell the pieces… put them on your head. Really dig into them. Learn how they work and truly own your beliefs.


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