The Third Noble Truth, Drop That Dukha!

So for those of you keeping track at home this is number 3. The Third Noble Truth, the truth of the cessation of Dukha. So far Dr. Gautama M.D. has identified the problem, pointed out the origin of the illness, now we’re going to learn how to stop this chronic Dukha issue.

Pretty simple stuff really. Craving or thirst for things and circumstances that we do not have is the problem. So changing things is a matter of changing our mind. Sounds simple, right? Just being merely being more content with what you have. Striving is still important

Just so we don’t cross lines, no one including the Buddha, would not tell you to become an ambitionless slob, sitting in the lotus position to eliminate problems, that just won’t work. Obviously the Buddha needed the drive to become Enlightened. Otherwise why would he reapply himself to the goal again and again. The lesson here is simpler still.

In order to find true happiness, or to lay down this unsatisfactoriness forever, merely be grateful for what you have. Yes I get it, it sounds so trite, nonetheless it is true. So appreciate that less than perfect house, the less than ideal car, and, that not so dream job. Why? Because no matter where you are in life there is a possibility of worse. As for the inverse say you get what you want… all of it. Then what? You have to protect, preserve, and maintain it. And as for getting all that you want, does one more log slake the thirst of the campfire? Hell no, that biotch gonna want another log in like 20 minutes. This is the way things work when their nature is only consumption

In the simplest of terms; be happy for what you have, no need lusting for more, mere contentment goes a long way to your individual happiness. It’s okay to work and desire bigger and better but don’t let it be a “this will complete me” proposition. We are finite yes but each and everyone of us is bigger than that. So get out there and abandon some unhealthy desires

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