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Next up Metta! Before I get into this let me say you need to pat yourself on the back for attempting Vipassana. That one is hard so high fives to all who tried. Moving on lol

Metta, this one has less to do with posture and more to do with the mind. I prefer to start this up from a seated position similar to the Samatha or serenity meditation.

I found it easier to break it down in days because it just made more sense to me. However as always make it yours.

Session one:
Picture yourself happy, safe, and loved. Truly happy not because of acquiring stuff but more content. Stay there for the duration of this session. Now you may need to do this for a few sessions that’s okay it took me a while to really hold self happiness in my mind’s eye. Once you can do this at will move to the next step.

Check this out on The Unusual Buddha podcast

Session two: Since you have gathered the ability to picture yourself safe and content. Now think of someone you are truly neutral towards… And move this imagining on to them. And really invest in it. This neutral target can be a neighbor, coworker, acquaintance who in particular isn’t important so long as they don’t really arouse much in the way of extreme feelings. Once you have picked the recipient hang there for a few sessions again until it becomes more or less effortless. The next one will push you and hopefully expand a limit.

Session four thousand three hundred eight:
Just kidding but if it takes that long let it because this step will require some serious personal power. Picture yourself safe, happy, and loved and when you get those feelings good and genuine… move them to a person you dislike. You read that correctly. Someone who upsets you or irritates you. And just focus it on them for as long as it feels therapeutic. The idea is to lessen the animosity felt towards them.

I know this one doesn’t seem as earth shattering as Samatha or Vipasana (at least on the surface). It will rock your world in it’s own way if you let it.


Here’s a short video that outlines the practice

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