The Second Noble Truth, Dukha has a beginning

Last time we discussed the First Noble Truth. If you want to get fancy it translates as The Noble Truth of the Universality of Dukha. If you missed it it’s available here (1st Noble Truth). As we discussed Dukha has no adequate translation. Some say suffering, stress, inadequacies, etc. none really capture it, however altogether they’ll give you the idea.

So in the First Truth we outlined the idea that all throughout existence there is this inherent ‘friction’ you could say. Now we come to the Second Truth.

To give the fancy translation is usually something like The Noble Truth of the Origin of Dukha. Now we come to a simple and profound truth. The Buddha said we suffer because of desire.

Not all desire is bad mind you. There are in fact very good and noble dedires. Ok the Buddha left everything behind because he desired to alleviate all suffering. I’m sure you’re thinking “WTF dude! Is desire bad or not!?” The Pali word that was used here is Tanha. The Pali language, like most non-American languages, had a greater ability to communicate meaning. Tanha translates best as craving or thirst. Now we’re beginning the pain in the ass here.

The Buddha said we encounter Dukha because we want things to be something different than they really are. And not just want difference we hunger for it… you know like a crackhead fiends for crack. We crave things like that new car, that big house, that raise, recognition, fame, power, influence, and all the other dumbshit we chase after. The demon here like the all of Buddhism is internal. We are making our own crappy little jail cell and tossing away the key. The big turn around is the Third. Next we’ll cover The Third Noble Truth… Cessation

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  1. I’m just digging into the Noble Truths now, and it’s wonderful to encounter others who are working on parsing Buddhist thought. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s neat being an almost Buddhist, when a Jehova witness comes to your door note the look on their face when you tell them you don’t believe in god because you are a Buddhist

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