What do I need to meditate

Some people ask the question “What do I need to meditate?” I tell them to get a pen and paper then I tell them the following: You will need a photo of Bee Arthur in a full lotus pose, 75 sticks of Nag Champa incense, and a hogs head of Greek yogurt… and put the pen and paper down!

You need nothing other than you’re undivided attention. I mean the goal is to address inside circumstances not align things outside. That would be antithetical to why you came here.

That being said, there are some things you may find helpful…in the minimalist sense. If you plan on sitting on the floor you may want something to sit on. Generally speaking it’s best to keep the hips at a level higher than the knees. This will help prevent back pain. You can get creative folded towels or blankets I find work great but don’t be afraid to experiment to find the right height and firmness. The longer you do this the more critical it will become.

If you are unable to sit on the floor due to chronic pain or flexibility issues no biggie. Find yourself a straight-backed chair. The biggest reason to be a stickler for posture is your comfort and longevity, not to mention it keeps you from falling asleep. As you progress that becomes a real danger. You set yourself up for some serious Samadhi, wisdom ass biz, and BAM! It’s tomorrow

Another thing you may want to look into is a timer of some sort. Again nothing fancy is necessary. Some folk use Insight Timer which has a free version available in your app store. I chose to go as low tech as possible with an app called Meditation Assistant for me it works. But if frills are what you are into shop around some will offer community-based assistance, guided meditations, and maybe even a lecture or two you can listen to. The timer will become more necessary the longer you meditate. Just like kids learn to walk further and further before falling on their butt you’ll do the same with meditation. Before you know it hours could pass when you’re in the zone and no one wants to be late to work and explain that one to the boss. Sorry I was attempting to achieve Enlightenment so ease up… I know my rights!

A few other things that may interest you are for your study of the meditative arts are: incense, candles, guided meditation services, a fancier meditation seat, binaural beats generators, music, all of them are helpful but not necessary. There are some purists who may bust your chops for using music or guided meditations, but quite frankly they can pack sand. This is about you getting right with you.

Hopefully this will help you prioritize what you need to get your practice on and what to expect as you go.

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