Want V. Desire

“There is no fear for one whose mind is not filled with desires.“
The Buddha [From the Dhammapada, verse 39]

Desire is a huge topic of discussion in the Dharma. In fact it is the linchpin of the doctrine in my opinion. The term is all too often misinterpreted (again thanks to the nondescript English language). This may blow your mind, and counter some ideas you have come to believe, desire in itself is ambivalent. Meaning simply there can be good, bad, and neutral desires. There is nothing wrong with desiring food when you are hungry or water when you are thirsty. These are natural circumstances of conditioned existence. Wanting to go for a walk or wanting to meditate are also good to neutral. There is no harm in these kind of desires. The Buddha taught us that it is our duty to care for our minds and bodies to keep both as strong as possible and in good health. Plus there are really good desires such as: the desire to practice charity, the desire to practice the Dharma, the desire to see another be freed from bullshit. These are good and should be celebrated. This message is all to often just glossed over. You are not meant to be a statue, sustaining yourself on the dew of flowers and universe juice, that is not the Buddha’s Dharma. So now your thinking “What is it I am trying to do on the path?”

The word the Buddha used to describe the unhealthy slavery ridden brand of desire is Tanha. It translates to something more along the lines of thirst or craving. This intense feeling is the area of concern.

Usually it is marked by a very intense sensation of lack, or a gnawing incompleteness. This is the issue, the Buddha wanted us to know we are not born incomplete or faulty. We just ‘are’ simply stated. We spend so much time seeking and craving for favorable conditions. This hunger becomes controlling and even when fed the hunger only grows. Like throwing a log in the fire, at first the fire kind of dies down it may even look like it could go out, but once the new log catches the fire burns brighter than it once did.

Human desire is the same you pine for something and once you achieve it, it’s really awesome for a while then like everything that feeling subsides and you set your aims to the next object of desire. Craving one thing after another and leading the life of a rabid crack head seeking this now that. This is the problem, and it’s why most of us will never know a great measure of peace

The goal is simply to attain a level of chill with what you have. You can call me a crazy hippy but Imma walk this thing out and see where it takes me. I hope you find a measure of peace on your path.


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