Concentric Sphere

If there were a moment when we touched

All us, all us

A sphere of time floating in the Universe
Let the circles form and spread and touch the edges
Let this moment
Be where I live with you.
In time and the space between the stars
Locked in ecstatic embrace
All us, all us

Just one spreading, juicy moment is enough
But better to be infinite
Spreading out
To the edges
All us, all us.

But no moment exists.
Or distant
Or fantasy
Or foolishly admitting impediments, infinitely yearning
And does not embrace or spread
Or delicately touch
the juicy edges of our own Universe

Our own
That waits
For the pebble to drop and the circle
The sphere
Concentric magic
To form, to shudder and embrace and live in each other
All us, all us.

By Ursula Anderson

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